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Community engagement workshops

A total of 170 different workshops were conducted across several sites all over Egypt in the course of the campaign, with about 4800 attendees cumulatively.

  1. Workshop for parents: This aimed to help them understand more about ADHD and to teach them how to help their children by playing simple interesting games. It was also an interactive forum that allowed them to ask questions and share experiences with the audience.
  2. Workshop for teachers: This provided a practical overview of ADHD and associated executive function problems as well as how such children may have difficulties with usual class routines. It also availed them with practical solutions to help such students in their classes and schools.
  3. Workshop for children: This aimed to simplify the meaning of ADHD and practical tips about how to increase your attention and decrease impulsivity for affected children. It also aimed to decrease stigma and bulling against children with ADHD, by promoting better understanding.
  4. Media Campaigns: Many radio channels and newspapers covered the activities of the ADHD awareness promotion month in Egypt especially the Italian circus event.
    Social media also played a critical role as we connected through our official page to advertise and mobilize for the events; and to provide answer to questions about ADHD from a wide and diverse audience – including those who could not physically attend any of the events.

Conclusion: Innovative and engaging activities to promote awareness and reduce stigma can be made into fun activities that will not only pass across the message but also entertain and leave participants with positive memories.

Contributed by Dr. Eman Gaber (Egypt)

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